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Challenging the mobility industry to enable a cleaner, greener world.

eLeapPower’s mission is to provide solutions that will help make electric vehicles more commercially viable. By making EVs more convenient, practical, and affordable,  greater adoption of electric vehicles in both personal and commercial applications becomes even easier. Thus, enabling a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which is the ultimate goal.

As our technologies garner further deployment, by the year 2040, we project that eLeapPower’s technology will have a market share of 8.4% of all EV powertrains. Under these conditions, the annual emission reduction potential of our solutions is about 60MMt CO2e by 2040, which is about 13 million gasoline vehicles off the road every year. In 2020, eLeapPower was recognized by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures + Natural Resources Canada with the Breakthrough Technology Award for Gigatonnes of Potential CO2 Savings Winner in the transportation sector.


Empowering our team to create change.

As an organization, we know we are only as great as our people. By fostering respect, we strive to ensure how much we value each and every team member.

We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience drives us forward every day. Our leadership strives to foster belonging and empowerment at work, and we create relevant solutions for our diverse customers. As we are active across the globe, we listen and engage with our distinct communities, and we value relationships with our diversified suppliers.

We believe that our employees deserve to be generously reimbursed for the time and work they dedicate to our company. We invest significantly in our people and their working environment by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy space. Through diverse educational opportunities, we encourage our team’s ongoing professional and personal development.


Fit for the future, backed by smart leadership.

We recognize that as an early-stage company with exponential growth and market disruption potential, we need to be proactive about governance. We have established a strong, reputable, and diverse Board of Directors that plays an integral role in our company’s strategy and development. Our Board not only provides strategic advisement but also helps us ensure that our investors are aligned with our social mission and values.

We have established a strong Code of Business Conduct, which requires all eLeapPower directors, officers, employees, and contractors to act with integrity and adhere to the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct. We also encourage and support the ongoing development and education of all directors, officers, and employees.

As we are spread across the globe, we employ integrated management systems throughout the organization to ensure transparency, visibility, and cross-departmental collaboration.