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We enable truly sustainable mobility.

Our technology is disruptive to the mobility space—and patented. Because our integrated inverter can plug in directly to DC-current renewable energy sources, we are one of the only companies that can enable truly sustainable EV charging.

We secured a contract with one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers.

Our technology is demonstrated. We began validating our prototype in our customer’s existing production model van over a year ago. In 2023, we plan to begin supplying tens of thousands of inverters per year, for the full production line of our customer's existing line of fully-electric, urban delivery vehicles.

We’re helping to accelerate electrification today.

Our integrated inverter is deployable today, and is an effective solution for electrifying vehicles quickly. It is designed to integrate into existing electrified architectures without requiring manufacturers to reconfigure their processes. Additionally, our technology is well-suited for the applications that are electrifying most rapidly: fleet vehicles.

We optimize the entire powertrain.

Our integrated inverter makes the need for a heavy, expensive on-board charger redundant. This results in a more simplified powertrain that’s significantly lighter, more efficient, and more cost effective. For end-consumers, this translates to longer battery range and increased affordability.