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Our People Are Driving Change

At eLeapPower, we don’t just think about changing the world, we are actually developing solutions that will drive change toward a more environmentally responsible world. While others are looking to make incremental changes to make vehicles more efficient, we opted for a more transformative approach to really bridge the gap toward a more sustainable energy future. And people are noticing. Our technology has won awards from world-renowned institutions and organizations for the game-changing potential that it has. 

We're building a greener future.

Our company is focused on a much broader value proposition, and those who join our team become part of a bigger, sustainable energy solution. Our technology is unique in that it enables truly green mobility, it’s able to charge vehicles directly from renewable energy sources, and even put power back into the grid—a feature that will help shape our society’s future energy infrastructure.

We're rooted in innovation.

Our long-term relationship with the University of Toronto’s Electric Vehicle Research Center (UTEV) affords us the capacity for continued innovation. We’re also actively growing our research team of electrical, software, and mechanical engineers to support ongoing technology improvements.

We’re problem solvers and forward thinkers.

Our team is driven, motivated, and passionate about solving problems for the world tomorrow. Our offices are in the heart of high-tech and innovation in both Toronto and Shenzhen and our company prioritizes employees, ensuring each team member is valued.

Growth potential within our company is enormous.

Our company is poised to grow quickly and we’re seeking team members with a desire to help shape the future through new technology and innovation. Employees have the incredible opportunity to take ideas from concept to production; to do work that they can be proud of. At eLeapPower, the opportunities for career advancement are limitless.